Building a House on Chocolate

Romans 12:2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.

I thought I was getting allergic to chocolate, but I wasn’t sure.

My first reaction was, “Please Lord, don’t take away chocolate. You made chocolate. It’s very good. Please, if there’s some underlying sin that’s causing this, let it be known to me.”

There could be many reasons the Lord allows things to happen to us. To help us grow. To bring a better ending. But also to discipline and correct us, grab our attention and draw us closer to Him. Think about your own life. Has the Lord ever used what you thought to be bad situations for good? I know He has in mine.

Well this certainly grabbed my attention, and as far as I was concerned needed direct action.

It could have been a pity party, but the Lord was already at work convicting my heart. He tends to do that when He knows your heart wants Him, but your actions are human. The Holy Spirit showed me I turned to chocolate for my comfort far too many times.

Conviction of this had been knocking for many years. I thought I’d improved in this area. Yet being honest with myself and the Lord, it was evident I was caught in a pattern of reverting back to my old ways. I had been making excuses to allow my behavior and continue as I wanted. But the Lord knows best and I could feel Him calling me to a new level of dependance on Him. Running to the pantry out of habit during stressful or antsy moments had to be quelled.

Thankfully, The Lord helps me surrender. I know it’s for my good, that He has something better than chocolate in store for me; Himself, closer relationship to Him. I prayed to learn quickly to avoid loosing chocolate.

So, I tried to map out my repentance fresh in my mind:
1 – the Lord is my safe place, not chocolate
2 – whatever the Lord has given me, I will share with others

There are SO many enjoyable things the Lord has made – including chocolate – but when the God-given purpose is abused, it becomes corrupted. This general statement holds true outside of food. It’s so easy to allow things to corrupt us.

I know greed is stupidity. I suppose the underlying lie that may cause it, would be thinking that the substance will give us more joy than sharing the blessing.

What sin are you struggling with, that exposing it in the light of truth may make it easier to leave behind?

Even if the Lord chooses to take one of my favorite things away, His will be done. Perhaps lessening the distractions preventing me from growing closer in relationship with Him can only be a good thing.

On a personal note, since my startling chocolate episode, so far, consuming it in moderation, with the right heart, and a thankful prayer, I haven’t itched. My God is gracious!

Dear Jesus, We know Your ways are good, even when we can’t always see it. Help us to renew our minds in every situation, to look at things with an eternal perspective, as you cleans us from all unrighteousness.

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