Fix our Eyes… err heart… on Jesus

Revelation 22:12 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

“Don’t loose focus, son. Just concentrate on doing what you’re supposed to be doing while you’re waiting for me to come back.”

Do those words sound familiar? I could almost hear my Heavenly Father talking through my husband as he addressed our son an hour past bedtime. We asked him to lay in bed, and wait for the last tuck-in of the night, but instead drifted out of his room. Trying to make conversation and develop questions for anything that entered his mind, but not addressing the elephant in the room – impending sleep.

So what are we supposed to do until Jesus comes back?

This is such a simple or complex question depending on how you approach it. The simple answer is – do the will of Jesus’ Father. Does God want us to do stuff? Does He want us to study more? Does God want us to go on that missions trip? We could make an endless list for what we think God wants. Sure, we can ground much of it in general Biblical verbage, but…

How do we know what He really wants from us?

God wants us. Simple as that. He created the Earth for us – not for the animals. And He sent His only Son to die in our place to be with us forever.

So perhaps we can take a cue from our son who wanted more time with his dad at bed time. Let’s spend more time with our Father.

The Bible describes Jesus finding a quiet place away from others praying to the Father, despite the urgency of His work. He modeled dependency and relationship for us. Jesus absolutely understood God’s sovereignty – His grasp on everything, and He placed His refuge in Him.

Find your quiet place and start praying to the Lord. Rest in His grasp. Tell Him what’s on your mind. Share your doubts and ask for reinforcement where you feel it’s needed. Time with the Lord is great indeed.

Dear Jesus, thank-You for reminding me that You wanted a relationship with me first. Help me to stay connected to You through morning prayer and constant prayer throughout the day. Praise Your great Name for Your love and promises.

Read Matthew 25 for 3 amazing parables on what to do while waiting for Jesus’ return.

Listening to our Father is so sweet, see Sharpen My Ear, Oh LORD.

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