Blessedly Broken

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Psalm 25:16-18Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted. 17Relieve the troubles of my heart and free me from my anguish.18Look on my affliction and my distress and take away all my sins. (NIV)

Once I was lonely, I started to cry.
Rejected at birth, I didn’t know why.
Prayed over by nuns, who knew I was loved.
T’was all in His plan, from high up above.

Loved by new parents, though in a nice home.
Surrounded by love, I still felt alone.
Though I had family, I still wanted more.
Children of my own, to hold and adore.

Seeking affection, all the wrong places.
Thought I could cover, all of my bases.
A glimmer of hope, Grace, Oh the wonder.
Nothing compares to, Love of the Father.

Blessedly broken, by powerlessness
Full of surrender, to my Lord Jesus.

My search continued, perhaps out of pride.
To fill up with worldly treasures inside.
A husband, four children, a white picket fence.
Thought I was full but, still something was tense.

I have more than I wanted, more than dreamed.
Thankful yet sadder, than I should have seemed.
Jesus was calling, “Turn to your first love.
The One who is faithful from up above.

I’m the One who blesses you with this stuff.
Remember my grace, is fully enough.”
Pilgrims in this life, the beauty that fades.
Eternal life gained, nev’ ever evades.

Only by His work, I’ve nothing to add.
Saved by grace through faith, the gift to be had.
Obedient Son, poured out for us all.
Fulfilled righteousness, saved us from the fall.

Blessedly broken, by powerlessness
Full of surrender, to my Lord Jesus.

What’s next in His plan? Live life out for Him.
Oh all the prospects, where do we begin?
Gaze on His beauty, listen to Spirit.
My wretched past, He’ll make the best of it.

Look unto glory, a hope that is sure.
Live the exchanged life, nothing like before.

Blessedly broken, by powerlessness
Full of surrender, to my Lord Jesus.

A good friend of mine always talks about ‘the gift of desperation’. She is so right. It’s often during low times of deep soul searching we finally notice the Father’s call from above. It’s there in the valley we learn to look up.

The good Lord enabled me to write ‘Blessedly Broken’ concerning my past. I’m so thankful for His calling me into life. I had a blessed childhood really. My parents always showed me great love. When I found out of my adoption though, as early as I could understand, it did have an impact. It enabled me to have an underlying yearning for deeper rooted belonging. Praise Jesus, He showed me fulfillment in Him and forgiveness of sins that even at a young age were prevalent.

Today’s verse is an earnest cry out to our Maker. There’s such beauty in coming to a place of full surrender to the Lord.

Was there something hanging over you, drawing you to Christ in the desperation? Praise God for doing whatever it took to save us from eternal separation from Him!

However Jesus drew us to Him, let’s be thankful together for His wonderful gift of new life.

Dear Jesus, We come to you in awe, praise and adoration. You drew us near with Your steadfast love. We will ever praise You for reaching out to us while we were still powerless. You made the effort. You made the way. ~Amen

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