Not How the World See’s It

Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Our family and close friends know how much my hubby’s been traveling for business lately. Every time we mention he’ll be out of town, a very good friend of ours says, “again?!”

It’s rough being apart, but what’s there to complain about? We’ve both grown so much stronger in the Lord because of it. We have less time relying on each other for our comfort, fulfillment and satisfaction. This in turn strengthens our marriage.

Frequent time apart makes the little time we have together much more blessed. We’ve learned to value our time together.

What would commonly be considered bad, God meant for good. I’ve experienced this time and time again. Todays verse graciously reminds us of God’s perspective for our trials. He works everything for the good of those who love Him. What a great promise!

In my book, I describe our marriage as gourmet-aged cheese. I didn’t use the expected aged-wine, only cause I don’t care to drink alcohol. That’s a whole other story, for another time.

The Bible describes a special kind of fasting in 1 Corinthians 7:5.
Fast for a time, then come together so temptation won’t overtake.
I believe this kind of fasting to not only be beneficial to His Kingdom work, but also for the marriage.

We didn’t choose this on our own, but the Lord allowed it. Just as the verse of the day assures us, God is causing it to work for our good.

Time apart makes the heart fonder.

Jesus described to His beloved disciples, while the bridegroom is here there is plenty of joy. For when He is away, there will be time for fasting and mourning. The disciples experienced this on a grander scale after they buried our Savior’s body in the tomb. Upon His resurrection they must have experienced such wondrous joy to embrace Jesus once more. Then while waiting for the Spirit to come to them, they fasted and prayed again.

Now, we await eagerly the time of Jesus’ second coming. How bitter sweet each day is, we have Him filling our hearts as we wait.

What have you experienced lately that makes you yearn for Jesus’ return?

Oh Come, Lord Jesus, Come! You prepare us for work You called us to. Be with us ever so closely, leading us through the trials into fruitful work for Your kingdom. ~Amen

God uses the trials we go through to strengthen us, see A Test of Faith.

Extra Bible verses:
Philippians 1:21
Revelation 22:20