A Chance to Recharge

Hebrews 10:25 not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.

Summer is upon us! Our schedule is already filling up. I’m burnt out following the close of the school year. Literally I collapsed at Jesus’ feet, and dozed all Sunday afternoon, while my hubby took the kids out. I woke up sweetly refreshed by my alone time with the Lord. I’m still marveling at the strength and endurance He equipped me with over the past few months!

It’s hard not to feel burnt out sometimes. Yet, there’s a tinge of excitement in the air. My kids, most of all, are bubbling with anticipation to be on summer vacation. Family time, lazy days at the pool, and mornings without a mad school rush are here.

Great time to pick up a book! The Lord placed an amazing one in my hands. God is so good with the timing of His blessings! I need this book right now. It’s called They Found the Secret — by V. Raymond Edman

It recaps the transformation stories of 20 phenomenal Christians. Christ impacted these lives so profoundly, they went on to do great things in His name. Each account is only about 5 pages. A fast read, but well worth it!

We have a tendency to put on the pedestal, these people of great faith. The amazing thing is; they’re just people with struggles, doubts and fears like us! But what’s revealed is how the Lord is able to hold them up with His mighty right hand. He provides them deeper faith as He draws them closer in relationship with Him.

The new birth stories of these famous Christians are so encouraging. When we tend to complicate our Christian walk, they remind us of how simple the saving messages of Christ is. Faith in His Word fills us with His Holy Spirit. Although we haven’t met these Saints, this side of eternity, we have fellowship with them.

Today’s verse reminds us we should be meeting together with other believers. This is a huge portion of mutual encouragement. Small group is one of my favorite times of the week.

Just like my kids eagerness for summer activities, the excitement of other believers reinvigorates us. I delight in pointing others to the many gold nuggets in God’s word! Verses that have gotten me though hard times, verses I find refuge and encouragement in.

What a beautiful thing, Christ’s Body in Unity.

Dear Jesus, thank-You for holding us up through the craziness, and catching us when we collapse at your feet! Lord, You are enough to excite us alone, yet thank-you for encouraging us with other believers, excited in the faith! Continue to fan the fire of Your Holy Spirit within us. ~Amen.

I love when my Savior holds me. For more on trusting Him, see A Test of Faith.