Self-Confidence V. Savior-Confidence

Philippians 2:13 For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.

It was winter outside my 6th grade classroom but spring in my heart. I was a brand new Christian, and in a state where nothing seemed to bother me.

My excitement to be this new perfect person popped promptly as I realized I continued to think sinfully. I sure thought there must be some kind of mistake. From there, I tried my hardest to seek perfection but continued to fail.

That was my first lesson about how we’re a work in progress. Judicially, Jesus took the punishment for my sin. Jesus was going to spend the rest of my life chiseling the practice of sin out of me.

Funny, I learned that lesson so long ago, yet I still struggle with relying on self. Sure, it helps if we’re willing, but He’s the one doing the work in us. Just as today’s verse says.

Approaching the blog this week, I had nothing. It was one of those days I felt I hadn’t connected much to the Lord myself. As a result, I felt completely incapable of leading others closer to our Father.

Bringing my empty effort to the Lord however, He graciously spoke to me through a devotion of Oswald Chambers. He reminded me that our insufficiencies are opportunities for Him to be glorified.

I love this! It’s really not about us! I was looking at it all wrong, staring at my faults, when I should be looking unto Him in faith.

For God is working in us, giving us the desire and the power to do what pleases him!

What about you? Do you practice self-confidence or Savior-confidence?

Thank-You Savior, in You we can rest. You will be exalted above all the earth! Surprime is Your rightful place, for You are worthy! We are nothing, yet we are Yours! ~Amen

God used Moses to deliver His people out of Egypt, they were told Return Not, to Egypt and we are too!

Gain some encouragement from Paul the Apostle on the topic of ‘Self-Confidence V. Savior-Confidence’ by reading Philippians 3:1-9.

Did you know — Yeshua, found in Hebrew and Aramaic Biblical texts means ‘Deliverer, Savior, or Rescuer’ it derives from the verb, Yasha, meaning ‘to deliver, save, rescue, help, preserve, gain victory.’ The new testament was translated from greek, and spells it Yesous or Iesous. This is where we get the name Jesus in english.

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