Hidden Sin

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Luke 12:2 There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.

I was so pleased to nab the most beautiful tray of cookies, for a small donation at the church bake sale. The plan was to treat the lovely ladies at my BSF class. Arriving home, I juggled kids Sunday school papers as I stepped out of the car. The cookies slipped right off the tray. I was so mad. I blocked out the thought, “oh no, they’re totally done for”. My attention refocused to thanking the Lord. Not one of those cookies cracked! My family helped me scoop them up off the ground. We managed to inspect each one carefully, easily brushing off the dirt.

Still, shouldn’t I not bring them on principle they’d been on the ground? I brushed off the thought, praying no one would get sick. Each petal-shaped cookie completed the tray of one giant sunflower. Plus, they were pumpkin spice de leche! I refused to acknowledge the concern as it continued to nag me. If I wasn’t allergic to wheat, I’d totally be excited to have one after everyone else took one.

Sunday afternoon and Monday I finished up my BSF study. Did it really have to be on Achan’s sin? Achan coveted, stole and hid the goods under his tent. (Joshua 7:1-26)

The next morning, I arrived to my Bible study group, cookies in hand. For some strange reason I’d decided not to disclose the fact these cookies fell on the ground. I should have just mentioned it. They could decide for themselves how they feel about the 5-second rule. Concealing the truth, wasn’t the most loving thing to do. I preserved my own name, but disobeyed the Lord’s whisper.

As the compliments came rolling in, it didn’t feel so sweet underneath my deception.

Today’s verse declares nothing will remain hidden. God revealed to Israel the sin of Achan that kept Israel from defeating the tiny town of Ai. Israel had to stone Achan for his disobedience. This was the justice to remove the sin from the camp.

Friend, we all deserve this kind of justice for sin. Yet, instead of receiving the punishment we earned, God extends grace.

I felt the Lord leading me to apologize to the ladies in my group. My pride wants to pull out all kinds of scriptural excuses. “Against You alone have I sinned, LORD”, as David lamented over his sin. (Psalm 51:4). I envision the apology about to leave my lips as the LORD cries out, “DON’T”, just as He stopped Abraham from sacrificing his son. (Genesis 22:12)

Even common sense seemed against the apology. It was just potentially a speck of dirt, if I indeed missed one. But in God’s eyes, it was a brick of self-preservation in my Tower of Babel. (Genesis 11:1-9). I wanted to stretch my name up to heaven over humbly accepting the Lord’s direction.

The Lord’s discipline is no fun. I felt like a kid. Yet, we know the Lord disciplines the children He loves. (Proverbs 3:12, Acts 17:11, Hebrews 12:4-12) As I apologized to these wonderful ladies, they extended grace to me.

LORD, it’s all You. Your Name alone deserves honor and praise. Forgive our careless decisions while ignoring You. Remind us to bring every decision, problem, and concern to You. Give us boldness to swallow our pride, and confess our sins to one another while we have the chance. For, everything will eventually come to light. ~Amen

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Other Verses that convicted me to do things God’s way this week:
1 John 1:7
Luke 16:10
Matthew 13:12