Coincidence? Never!

1 John 5:14 This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.

The most joyful noise floated from the back seat of the car. My 6yr old sung a song about Jesus I hadn’t heard before.
“That was so nice! Can you sing it again?”
“I forget the words”
I prompted a few more times, without her memory jogging. “Where did you learn it?”
“I learned it in Ms. Jen’s class”
That was her teacher from pre-k.
A thought popped into my mind. “How about we pray for God to have us bump into Ms. Jen sometime so we can ask her how it goes?”
So we prayed for that and God’s will, then soon forgot about it.

About a week later while enjoying fro-yo with our family, guess who walks in?
Yep, Ms Jen and her family!
“Wow! look! God brought Ms Jen here! Remember when we prayed for God to do that? He is so faithful!”
My 6yr-old’s mouth dropped as her eyes smiled. 

What a fantastic display of the Lord hearing our prayers, as today’s verse assures us!

God is so alive and active! He cares about the little things. He cares about growing our faith and trust in Him. He cares about encouraging us in our relationship with Him. He cares about the little hearts of children and the big of adults.

After greeting them, we told the story. But by then, we still didn’t remember any of how it went. God was faithful, even when we forgot any part of the song.

I’m sure it touched Ms. Jen’s heart too, that she made such a wonderful impact on our kids each year she taught them. And that God answered with a divinely orchestrated meeting.

That got me wondering. What other treasure-filled meetings should we be asking for?

How about an encounter to encourage someone out of a dark place you once treaded? Or an opportunity to lead someone to the Lord? Someone who God’s been working on their heart. Are you bold enough to pray a prayer like that? You know God will do it! So be ready! Ask Him to make you bold enough to follow through and let Him take the lead! 

Generous Father, You are so faithful! When have you ever failed me? Never! We thank-You for hearing our prayers and answering with Your unfailing kindness. Help us to make bold prayers of opportunity. ~Amen