Firm Hands

Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. (NIV)

Arriving home late at night after family activities, 3 out of 4 kids slump onto the couch.
“Come on, kids, it’s time to go upstairs for bed”, I encourage. No movement. After 2 more times of direction, still no movement.
“Huuuun”, I encourage my husband’s input.
“Come on, kids, it’s bedtime”, instantly at his command they start moving. 

I tell ya… There’s nothing like the fearfully persuasive power of a loving father directing or correcting his children. My softer ‘mom’s voice’, just doesn’t have the same effect. I’m sure my hubby would rather not have to use his ‘big’ voice. But, sometimes it’s necessary.

The Old Testament is dotted with pictures of God’s might. 

In Exodus 19, God illustrated a smidgen of His power as He descended upon Mt Sinai. He warned the people through Moses of His unapproachability without being cleansed of sin. His voice thundered from the mountain. No-one could approach, not even the livestock, or they would die. Here we get an idea of the magnification of God’s holiness.

All through the Old Testament God is the One who attained victories for Israel. God is the One who attained victory over sin and death for us! (Hebrews 7:25) And so we no longer have reason to fear, but more reason to revere.

God is the Creator, we are the clay. (Genesis 2:7) The attitude that (in any area) we know better than God, earns the penalty of death.

It’s so necessary to have the perspective of God’s inapproachable Holiness without sacrifice…
Along with His sovereign power to always be victorious…
Yet, best of all, His willingness to be our substitutionary sacrifice for sins!

Out of fearful respect, our kids listened and did what they knew they were supposed to do. Then Dad who’d been firm-handed to get them to do what’s best — later tucked the kids in with those same loving hands. 

On a much grander scale, God demands our awe, wonder and obedience. We revere God for His holiness in stark contrast with our lacking. We stand in awe as to what He did, crediting to us His righteousness.

In Exodus 32, when Moses showed no sign of returning according to the Israelite’s timeframe, they melted down their gold and made an idol to worship in place of God. It sounds ridiculous, considering they just witnessed God delivering them from Egypt with plagues and wonders. 

Nowadays, it’s also easy to slip from considering the holiness of God. How often do we turn to guidance, answers or comfort in other places than God? How often do we know what we should do and then chose to do things our way instead?

Sometimes I feel like the kid who doesn’t see it necessary to listen. I pray for God to increase my reverent fear of Him so that I will surrender all areas of my life to Him. I know my weakness. Praise God He is willing and able to make me stand. (Hebrews 4:15) I stand in Jesus.

We place our hope in the power of His mighty right hand. I think it’s awesome to note, that Jesus sits at God’s right hand. (Romans 8:34) That’s probably were we get the expression: right-hand man. A dominant hand is the strong hand to accomplish a person’s will. Jesus is God’s mighty right hand achieving salvation for us!

Let’s take comfort in todays verse, that in our weakness, God is able to uphold us with His Righteous Right Hand!

Holy Father, You are righteous and just. No-one can approach You without first being cleansed of sin. Thank-You for lovingly sending Jesus to take my place on the cross. You spared me from eternal judgement. Therefore, I will trust Your promises are true. Help me to live each day in awe of Your beauty and greatness. You are able and willing to help me trust and obey You. ~Amen

How AMAZING that our God shares His Holy Spirit with us!
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