Praising God Through Pain and Suffering

1 Peter 5:10 And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

None of us are ever far away from pain and suffering. We’ve been through it, or are about to. You’ve probably had friends and loved ones tell you some things that you don’t know how to console them over, besides offering prayer. Yes, we live in a fallen world, but our Heavenly Father is loving, and unchanging. There is purpose in His plan, and we must trust Him. His plans are so good, even when our circumstances look hopeless.

I’ve watched a close friend struggle through their daughter’s cancer treatments and surgeries. My friend desperate for prayers, was so thankful to have our entire church body huddle around their beautiful daughter, lay hands on her and just pray. Through this, I’ve seen the hand of God working wonders. Their two year-old shocked doctors with her carefree smile and miraculous recovery. Sometimes it takes dire struggles to bring people together, to nurture compassion.

In my own experience, along with the conviction of the Holy Spirit, it took me to become very sick for me to break. To break out of the mundane comfortable life of not being connected to the body of Christ, but feeling like I wanted more. It took the pain and desperation of being in the ER every two weeks, like clockwork, with pain so bad I was on morphine, and asking the doctors whether they had administered any pain killers intravenously yet. I was to the point that I was asking the Lord to take my life, but if He would let me live through it, that I knew He had a special plan for my life, that He wasn’t finished with me yet.

Friend, we are no different to B.C. time stiff-necked Jews, or scoffing pharisees who watched Jesus perform miracles in front of their eyes. It takes for us to be broken, to fully surrender to the Lord to make us whole.

Remember. What are the stakes? A little pain down here, pointing us to everlasting joy with Christ in Heaven. I choose pain and suffering. I choose pain with Christ, over cushy and eternally separated from our loving God. I will praise the Lord through my pain, for He is drawing me closer to Him.

Do we still have questions as to why we can’t just be with God, and never know pain at all? Check out next week’s post on the gift of ‘free-will’.

Dear Heavenly Father, we thank-You for the trials that are indeed painful, yet yield a harvest of righteousness!

This was Holy Ever After’s first post ever! Praise God for inviting us all to minister to others in Christ Jesus’ name!