Rules, Rules, Rules.

Galatians 3:24 Let me put it another way. The law was our guardian until Christ came; it protected us until we could be made right with God through faith. (NLT)

It was one of those days, we had just scrambled to finish up dinner dishes and load the kids into the car. Our conversation on the way to our weekly bible study consisted of our child expressing a less than satisfactory attitude. Displeased that we had not let him ride his bike without a helmet, his concern was why we instituted rules for our kids to follow.

Normally I respond in kind, but this time I let the Spirit take lead. We discussed that we have rules for his safety. I continued, “as loving parents, it is our job to look out for your wellbeing, guiding you while you’re not yet able to make responsible choices for yourself”.

That’s when it hit me. An epiphany from the Lord. I finally understood what Paul wrote in Galatians 3:24 about God’s laws being a ‘guardian’ until the proper time. Just like Israel struggled to make important decisions before the anointing of the Holy Spirit, my son saw no immediate need to make a resolution towards his safety, without us in His ear telling Him that it’s for His own benefit, motivated by our love for him.

I continued to council him, that it’s similar to how God cares for us. He gives us guidelines to follow for our prosperity, not to restrict us. His guidelines spare us from as much pain as possible and lovingly correct us, just as we correct our kids.

In the case of the jews, God, the loving Father, gave His people guidelines by which to live, until the appointed time after Jesus’ ascension, when God would send His Helper, and write His law upon our hearts. (Ref: John 14:16 , Jeremiah 31:33)

Just as my son didn’t want to trust that our ways are for his good, Israel (God’s people) often relapsed from following the law in the Old Testament. Wasn’t the age old sin of Adam and Eve – doubting God, and making a decision from their own misguided understanding, instead of trusting the Father? The fact is God loves His people, and put those laws in place as a guide, warning that sin separates us from the All-Perfect Lord.

That being said, following all the rules meticulously didn’t work out too well for the pharasies, since they totally missed the principle behind the law. It’s all about a changed heart, a relationship with our Creator in Jesus. He is our safe place, in Whom we can trust. Just like my husband and I want our kids to know our character, that we love them, and have their best interests at heart, doesn’t our Father in Heaven love us even more? We know we’re not perfect caregivers, but I’m sure glad He is!

He’s got us, we are His treasured possession. No mater how many times we try, and end up falling short of His glory, He is faithful and true to bless us and keep us. Remember; Jude 1:24 Now all glory to God, who is able to keep you from falling away and will bring you with great joy into his glorious presence without a single fault.

My rule for my son to wear His helmet won’t save him from a boo-boo if he doesn’t obey. The law was good, except it itself couldn’t love or forgive us, only point out our sin. Salvation is our Father in whom we abide in His grace and love, and are made right with Him in Christ.

Praise God that He made a way to redeem us, humbly mending our relationship with Him. His plan; to show up in human form, born amongst the barn animals, live for others, and then die a criminals death, as He knew we’d fall short of His glory.

Lord, continue to purify my heart! I know I’m far from perfect. Bless Your great name for loving me, and correcting me swiftly when I’m out of line. Thank-you for guiding me in the way I should go. ~ Amen

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