The God of Order and Math

By Noah Powers

Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Life is amazing. Even when a wrench is thrown our way, life is still amazing. And life is amazing because God gives it meaning. Not only does God give meaning to our existence, but all existence has meaning because of God. Absent of God everything we expect ceases entirely.

This realization came about while mentoring one of my children on Algebra. I’ll explain and I’m sure you’ll also be reminded of just how amazing God is.

In short, my child had a math problem which appeared to him to be complete randomness. I have to admit, the problem did look random. However, every Christian can know that math is only possible with the understanding that randomness is never truly random. 

Order abounds. 

I encouraged him to continue by not looking at the problem, but by faithfully following the steps he was taught. He heeded my advice. One step at a time I could see the answer getting closer into view, but my child was oblivious to it. Then a lightbulb went off and he was shocked when the mathematical picture seemingly came into perfect view instantaneously. I used the moment to not only encourage him in the abilities he’s learning at school, but also educate him on how math testifies to God. 

  • God created a universe to be predictable. 
  • Predictable universe points to a Creator since order cannot come from disorder.
  • If evolution were a thing, and Earth and all its life is a result of a one-time random event, nothing would be predictable. Instead Scripture informs us that prior to Earth and the universe, there wasn’t disorder. There was nothing apart from God. At no point did God not exist.
  • Everything humanity has learned in math and science only has meaning because the world, their observations are based on, is predictable. If the world were entirely unpredictable no observation could be used as an indicator of the future, and thus observations at one point in time would be absolutely worthless.
  • Instead we have medicine based on the normalcy of the incredibly complex human body, and science that can predict orbits of distant galaxies. 
  • And this makes sense. God is a God of order, not disorder. God uses the order in the natural universe for one reason. Scripture tells us that everything testifies to God.

Today’s scripture reveals exactly that! This is general revelation. Knowing there is an amazing God by what He has made. Just by one aspect, the sky and beyond, we can ascertain some of God’s unmatchable qualities. Add everything else God made on top of that — and the evidence is irrefutable. God is the Creator and encourages the human brain to fear, revere and desire Him. He encourages us to use logic and reason. 

God tells His people to love Him with everything including their intellect. (Deuteronomy 6:4-5) This makes sense, since He gave us a mind to search Him out.

Special revelation is what God provided to his people, contained in the Bible. Special revelation provides knowledge that God is personally knowable through Jesus Christ. Jesus is Christ and the only path to Heaven.

God chose to use us, as believers, to point others to this gracious message of the gospel. Salvation through Jesus’ substitutionary work on the cross for all who trust this is true for their personal sins.

The book of Romans, in the Bible, encourages us that no one has an excuse to not know God in this way. All of creation was made to glorify God and to praise His Holy Name. Especially those made in His image. (Psalm 150:6, Psalm 148:1-14, and so many more.) And if people don’t praise Him, even the rocks would cry out. (Luke 19:37-40, Matthew 3:9, ) Scripture assures us that even those who reject Him will one day bow their knee and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. (Philippians 2:10) Though those who reject Him will suffer the eternal torment of doing so and absence from His presence. (John 5:24-30)

Lord, what is mankind that You are mindful of them, human beings that You care for them? You are High and Mighty, yet You made us in Your image, for relationship with You. Thank-You for revealing Yourself through Creation and through the truth of Your Word. Give us a heart like Yours to seek and to save the lost by pointing them to You. ~Amen.
(Psalm 8:4, Isaiah 57:15, Genesis 1:27, John 1:17, Luke 19:10)