Rest in Thank-Ville

2 Chron. 20:22 As they began to sing and praise, the Lord set ambushes against the men of Ammon and Moab and Mount Seir who were invading Judah, and they were defeated.

Here’s a double perspective of my day:

Problem focusedGod focused
With eyes straining to open, I press play on my Bible app.In the quiet of the morning, I find my quiet refuge with the Lord in His word.
I slunk out of bed, the rush begins.
Frustration builds as the uncomfortable sock routine leads my son to putting on shoes 5 times.
I tell my son I love him as he jumps out of the car in the drop-off lane.
I’m thankful for the energy of my son. What precious life the Lord gives.
We pause to admire the soft sunrise colors and praise the Lord for His wondrous creation before loading into the car.
As I pull weeds a fire ant bites me, my daughter and I hurry inside.Praise God for special moments with my daughter. We enjoy the simple things, pausing to pick some weeds together.
Slowly creeping in comes an ungodly funk of dreading the inevitable benadryl haze.My sweet big kids agree to read their homeschool history together and let me rest in my in-cohesive state.
As I focus on my problems at hand, grumpiness enters.Recognizing negative emotions, the Lord helps me check them against His word. (2 Corinthians 10:5) The truth of Psalm 22:3 comes to mind. I begin to praise Him from my ugliness.
From there, woe-is-me feelings and laziness linger for hours.The Spirit starts shedding my negative feelings. Thankfulness floods back in. Jokes and good cheer spill over.
Like Night…… And Glorious Day

As you can see, in the first column I’m focused on my problems. There’s an internal battle as the Spirit encourages me to stay focused on God’s goodness. Negative emotions seem to have such a weight on my actions.

Like a good parent, when I don’t listen, my Father allows me to sit in my ugliness until I can’t stand the stench any longer. Inevitably, doing things my way doesn’t go so well so I turn to Him and His way.

The second column illustrates the complete attitude shift as I allow the Lord to refocus my attention on Him. Praising Him despite my circumstances, He enables me to be thankful. He empowers me to see things anew from that thankful perspective.

Todays verse brings such encouragement. In the case of Israel, invading armies closed in. Yet, they had joy in the Lord and couldn’t help but praise Him. They found their full trust and victory in Him just as He promised to provide.

We too have every reason to be thankful, as we remember God’s promises. I want to quit staring my problems down. Praising the Lord is my newfound lifeline to reconnect with Jesus, when grumps waft in.

Will you, like I, rest in Thank-Ville with Christ? We can hold onto the promise, “He inhabits the praises of His people.” (Psalms 22:3)

Father, allow us to refocus our attention on Your goodness and faithfulness. May we be intentional about praising You, for our circumstances are temporary, but You are eternally good. ~Amen.

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