Free Will

Jeremiah 29:13 If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me. (NKJV)

What’s the deal with free-will? Why can’t I just not have the choice, and love God? Then I could skip pain and suffering, and just enjoy endless joy with the Father in Heaven? In the previous blog post, I discussed why God allows us to experience pain and suffering. But why is it all necessary?

My son was so excited when he received a robotics kit. As soon and he and his dad got the chance, they put it together. The novelty of using the remote control wore off over a couple weeks. Although it did what he asked, until the batteries ran out, my son didn’t find lasting relationship with it. It didn’t respond with thankfulness and love due to it’s lack of free-will.

Now lets compare the loving relationship that is formed when my son’s dog voluntarily comes to sit beside him, fetches balls and runs along beside him. They have shared experiences together. She gets spanked if she does something naughty. He takes care of the dog, checks her food, and if she’s in trouble, he helps her out, and appreciation is shown by her wagging tail.

God wants the kind of love that has a story, a depth and complexity, a relationship that is based on trust. A trust that is learned through experiencing God’s providence and love, kindled in prayer, as God answers those prayers.

What kind of love forces people to anything against their free-will? God wants us to choose Him, not because we’re forced to, not out of obligation, but out of response for what He has done for us.

I for one, am glad I’m not a robot that is forced to love God. I was glad before I believed. I am thankful that He loved me to send His Son to take my rightful place on the cross. I am thankful that He didn’t force Himself on me, but drew me in with His unfailing love.

God has allowed me to go through enough heartache to cry out to Jesus, and continues to allow me to experience more trials enough that I learn to lean on Him. But it’s not disproportionate to the joys and blessings He brings to my life. All these combined, as He simultaneously reveals His goodness to me, makes it a joy to walk with Jesus.

Today’s verse has proven true for my life, as Jesus has taught me to willingly walk with Him.

Thank-you Jesus for giving me free-will, and for drawing me to Yourself with Your steadfast love. Your ways are good. Thank-you for desiring to bless me and keep me for eternity with You! -Amen